What I Do

I help speakers, writers, influencers, and business owners deliver messages that are clear, concise, creative, and compelling. I believe you’ll never have to sell if you can tell a good story. Working with me will show you how. 


Over the 20 years I have been telling stories across the United States and around the world.  I’ve also been coaching others on how to tell their own. I have come to believe that there are powerful stories all around us and inside of us. However, when we are not clear on what those stories are or don’t know to tell them, we let golden opportunities pass us by. 


The most powerful tool at your disposal is your story- and I want to help you tell it! Together we can craft a message that will help you connect with your clients, have your readers glued to the pages of your book, or make an unforgettable impact from the stage.  


You may have struggled with speaking, been stuck in your writing, or been unclear about how to reach those who need to hear you. Maybe you think all of this is hard. I can’t wait to show you that it’s not.  As a matter of fact, It’s just the opposite. This is doable. You are capable. This is E.A.S.Y.  


This is you… effectively, authentically, sharing your story.